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Play Name: Wolves
Description: WOLVES is a sharp, darkly funny urban fable that takes place during a long and terrible night at the apartment of Ben and his roommate and onetime boyfriend, Jack. Ben, clearly never the most stable of young men, has recently moved from a small town to the big city, where his vulnerability has turned into full-blown paranoia about the place where he lives - which he likens to a "deep, dark forest" - and an outrageous fear of the "wolves" that prowl it. To taunt the needy Ben and to prove that the city isn't what he imagines it to be, Jack brings home a "wolf" from a bar one night. Things turn violent and it's up to the icily glamorous and bitingly funny female narrator to guide us through to the end of this postmodern fracturing of the Red Riding Hood yarn.

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Play Name: Zoo Story, The
Description: This modern American classic is set at a park bench on a Sunday afternoon and, with ironic humor and unrelenting dramatic suspense, relates an extraordinary encounter between Peter, a middle-class publishing executive, and Jerry, a permanent transient. Jerry intrudes on Peter's peaceful afternoon by interrogating him and compelling him to listen to stories about his life, and the troubling reason behind his visit to the zoo. "Could I have planned all this. No... no, I couldn't have. But I think I did."

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