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Play Name: Aporkalypse
Description: Our not-for-the-kiddies holiday show is a world premiere by Cleveland playwright Chris Johnston. Christmas, Marines AWOL from Iraq, a Persian love goddess and corporate American agri-business all collide down at Pawpaw's pig farm.

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Play Name: Based on a Totally True Story
Description: Cute, kinda nerdy New Yorker Ethan Keene seems to have it all: a career as a successful comic book writer by day and struggling playwright by night and a great, recently-met boyfriend, with whom he shares a nice Greenwich Village apartment. But Ethan's world is suddenly turned upside down when Mary Ellen Eustice, an assertive Hollywood producer, wants to turn one of Ethan's unproduced plays into a big-budget horror movie – possibly starring Nicole Kidman. With movie fame and fortune (and other Hollywood temptations!) clouding his vision, Ethan struggles to be a loving, supportive partner to his boyfriend Michael Sullivan, a Village Voice reporter and budding novelist. On top of which, Ethan's dad announces that he's leaving Ethan's mom for a married woman – and can he please stay with Ethan and Michael until he finds a new place to live? Hearts are broken, lessons learned, and dreams deferred in this quirky, offbeat romantic comedy of manners.

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Play Name: Battery
Description: Synopsis: Electricity is the central metaphor and expressive image in this unusual love story which takes place in an electrical repair shop.

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Play Name: Big Love
Description: Fifty brides flee their fifty grooms and seek refuge in a villa on the coast of Italy in this modern re-making of one of the western world's oldest plays, The Danaids by Aeschylus. And, in this villa on the Italian coast, the fifty grooms catch up with the brides, and mayhem ensues: the grooms arriving by helicopter in their flight suits, women throwing themselves over and over again to the ground, pop songs and romantic dances, and, finally, unable to escape their forced marriages, 49 of the brides murder 49 of the grooms-and one bride falls in love. About the same odds as today.

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Play Name: Bob: A Life in Five Acts
Description: Born and abandoned in the bathroom of a fast food restaurant, Bob energetically embarks on an epic journey across America and encounters inspiring generosity, crushing hardships, blissful happiness, stunning coincidences, wrong turns, lucky breaks, true love and heartbreaking loss. Along the way, Bob meets a myriad of fellow countrymen all struggling to find their own place in the hullaballoo of it all. Will Bob's real life ever be able to live up to his dream? Bob is a comedic exploration of American mythology and values, the treacherous pursuit of happiness, and discovering what it means to be truly "great."

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