2017 SEASON: The Culture of Mayhem / Something New

Overview | NEOMFA Playwrights Festival (Feb 9 - Feb 18) | Harm's Way (March 24 - April 15) | Massacre (Sing to Your Children) (May 19 - June 10) | Neighbors (July 7 - July 29) | Rhinoceros (August 25 - September 16) | In the Closet (October 13 - November 4) | The Chaste Genius and His Deathray Gun (December 1 - December 16)

by Siegmund Fuchs
directed by Cory Molner

October 13 - November 4

The play takes place in a large walk-in closet where we find Old Man, Middle-Aged Man, and Young Man. Each is in the closet for vastly different reasons. Enter Teen Man, John, who frantically runs in immediately following his first gay sexual encounter. As all three men try to convince John to come out of the closet, each has to confront his own perverse, humorous or heartbreaking reasons for being there himself. IN THE CLOSET is a workshop production of Cleveland playwright Siegmund Fuch's newest play.

by Eugene Ionesco
Aug 25-Sept 16
directed by Jonathan

Who will join the herd? Who will resist?
In this classic absurdist comedy, a brutish rhinoceros storms through a quiet neighborhood, and the townsfolk are alarmed but soon become infected with the “rhino virus,” and one by one begin to transform into rhinoceroses themselves. Will the few hold-outs resist the rhino’s base impulses, or become part of the mindless herd?

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