Clyde Simon

Clyde co-founded convergence-continuum with Brian Breth in 2000, and since then he has continuously served as artistic director, principle director, mentor, actor and set designer. His efforts have created a tight-knit, freely collaborative company unique in northeast Ohio, where artists are encouraged to dare themselves, experiment with danger, live on the edge, and trust in the rescue that will surely come after the inevitable occasional fall. He inspires fierce devotion in his company members and, in those who have worked with convergence once or twice before, a keen desire to return.

Clyde has directed 43 of convergence-continuum's 72 productions as of the close of the 2015 season and has appeared in convergence-continuum's productions of Quills, Each Day Dies With Sleep, Tone Clusters, Icarus, Spawn of the Petrolsexuals, Hot 'n' Throbbing, A Murder of Crows, Act A Lady, Freakshow, Finn in the Underworld, Dark Ride, The Museum Play, The Boys in the Band, The Hyacinth Macaw, Based on a Totally True Story, Self Defense, Lilies, and Zoo Story.

Clyde obtained a BS in biology from Bowling Green State University, an MS in oceanography from the University of Hawaii, and an MFA in theatre from Kent State University. He acted and directed for a couple of decades in New York, Chicago, Honolulu, Indonesia, Philippines, and here in NE Ohio.

Seventeen years were spent in Indonesia (Jakarta Players), the Philippines (Repertory Philippines in Manila), Hawaii (Filipino Repertory Company), Chicago, and NYC (actor, director, literary manager for the Off-Off-Broadway Flea Theater). When he returned to Cleveland, before founding convergence, Clyde worked with Cleveland Public Theatre as literary manager and director of the New Plays Festival.

Clyde, a NE Ohio native, says that living immersed in other cultures (and doing lots of theatre there as well) has informed his perspective on our American culture, performance practices and humanity in general. Yet, extraordinary as all these experiences were--working with the Peace Corps teaching high school science and math in Sarawak (Malaysian Borneo), working as a shrimp farming technologist and consultant in the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Costa Rica and India--there's no place like home.

Clyde's home in Tremont adjoins The Liminis Theatre in which the convergence-continuum company performs. He graciously allows the company the run of his house, which opens directly into the theatre, and he has adapted much of his living space to be used in this way. It is a space with few distinct boundaries: entirely appropriate.

Colleen Albrecht

Colleen has been a convergence-continuum company member since 2004. She serves as lighting designer, board member, and occasionally, as stage manager, house manager, and photographer for the company. At convergence, she's designed lights for Hot 'n' Throbbing, Tales of the Lost Formicans, Poona the Fuckdog, Icarus, Demon Baby, Mr. Marmalade, Freakshow, Finn in the Underworld, Ouroboros, Kimberly Akimbo, The Museum Play, MilkMilkLemonade, and Sordid Lives.

Colleen obtained her BFA in production design and technology from Ohio University and her MFA in lighting design from the University of California, Irvine. After school she designed lights locally and nationally for theatre, dance, opera, and concert tours. Local credits include convergence-continuum, Cleveland Opera, Great Lakes Theater, Cleveland Metropolitan School District, Playhouse Square Center, Cleveland Institute of Music Opera Theatre, Tri-C West Theatre, Beck Center, Jewish Community Center of Cleveland, The Fine Arts Association, True North, Magnificat, Baldwin Wallace University, and others. Colleen has taught lighting design and technology at Lakewood High School, Lake Erie College, Tri-C West, the Pacific Conservatory of the Performing Arts, where she was resident lighting designer, and Kent State University. Please visit

Colleen loves convergence-continuum, lighting, photography, and above all else, her husband Will and children Thomas, Abbey, Leo, and Daniel!

Curt Arnold

Curt has worked on over 150 productions in the last 37 years as an actor, director and stage manager in Cleveland and the central Ohio area. A con-con company member since 2007, he has been seen on our stage as a neurotically alcoholic homosexual in BOYS IN THE BAND, a maliciously aggressive TV co-host in VALPARAISO, an intellectually confused translator in DARK RIDE, a morally twisted reverend in BURIED CHILD, and a sexually ambivalent editor in DEMON BABY.

He can also often be found greeting patrons at the box office, and wielding a screw gun or paint brush during set construction & deconstruction.

Since 2003, he has co-produced and directed an annual musical production to benefit AIDS service organizations in Cuyahoga and Summit counties, raising about $100,000 for these charities. During the day, he is a Personal Lines Account Executive with Schneider-Dorsey, Inc. in Beachwood.

Kat Bi

Kat began working on her stage presence at the age of four when she played her first notes on a piano. She went on to play piano competitively until she graduated from high school, picking up competitive figure skating, swing dancing, violin, and a couple of appearances at Carnegie Hall and the Kennedy Center along the way. Sometime during the middle school years, however, her interests started to shift towards the theatrical stage and remained fixed there. After dabbling in the science and business worlds for a couple of years, she finally found her way to a BA in Theatre with a focus in performance and directing at Cleveland State University in 2012, and hasn't looked back yet. She has since appeared in productions at convergence-continuum, Dobama Theater and Weathervane Playhouse.

Kat began her con-con journey in the summer of 2014 when she made her acting debut in Erin Courtney's A MAP OF VIRTUE. She then went on to stage manage Mark O'Rowe's TERMINUS and act in the 2015 NEOMFA Playwrights Festival in THE LIES WE HOLD. She has been thrilled with her time here at the Liminis, and hopes said thrilling journey will continue for a hefty length of time.

She would like to thank the convergence-continuum family for being so warm and welcoming, and a big thanks to her friends for showing all that support when they didn't have to!

Amy Bistok Bunce

Amy has been acting with convergence since its very first production of QUILLS, and has performed at the Liminis numerous times since. Acting credits include QUILLS, SINCERITY FOREVER, CLEVELAND, WHIRLIGIG, TALES OF THE LOST FORMICANS, REFERENCES TO SALVADOR DALI MAKE ME HOT, DEMON BABY, OUROBOROS, KIMBERLY AKIMBO, VALPARAISO, DEVIL BOYS FROM BEYOND, SORDID LIVES and more…

Amy received her BA in Theatre from Kent State University, where she met and studied with convergence's founders, Clyde Simon and Brian Breth. It was Clyde and Brian who persuaded Amy to move back to Cleveland from Chicago, where she was living and working. No stranger to hard work, Amy was doing repertory theatre prior to that at Philadelphia-area Hedgerow Theatre where she honed her Shakespeare skills, directed, taught, painted, cooked, cleaned and the like.

Locally Amy has performed at CPT as The Narrator in THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW, and as Kathy in the beautiful CRASHING THROUGH CEILINGS, among others. Other local credits include work with Theatre Ninjas and the former Bang and Clatter Theatre Company. Amy hit the international scene in the NY-produced INTENSIVE CARE, which was featured in the 2005 Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Amy is proud to serve on the board of Talespinner Children's Theatre, Cleveland's newest professional children's theatre company. TCT develops imaginative and original professional works for children across all socio-economic, cultural and traditional boundaries by using acting, dance, music, puppetry. Check us out

Amy believes in the power of storytelling and the importance of examining our connection to one another.

Steve Bowen

Steve appeared magically on the threshold at con-con in 2013, where he was welcomed with open arms. We are so glad to have him here in the con-con fold. The rest is history. Steve has been here ever since and has contributed mightily to every single work call and event as a carpenter, painter, set draper, and consultant - in short, whatever we needed; Steve has helped to make our work calls sing and produce extraordinary results.

Steve earned his MFA in painting and drawing at Bowling Green State University and his BFA from the Cleveland Institute of Art. He has travelled extensively throughout much of the country and parts of Canada, always looking for something new to see or experience or learn. Having spent time from the deep deserts of the American southwest, once even prospecting for gold, he has seen the oceans on both coasts and many places in between. Multi-talented as an artist, he has mastered many mediums from painting/drawing to carpentry and blacksmithing. He has many years of experience in exhibition installation and design as well as art installation in both commercial and residential venues.

Of himself, Steve says, "Having travelled extensively around the country and working in many venues from art to a brief stint in the housing industry, there is no place I would rather be than here. My friend, Holly Masterson [ed. also a company member] told me it was a magical place filled with the most talented and wonderful people that you could ever work with, producing some of the most amazing plays you will ever see. She, of course is right. convergence-continuum and its people have become my family and I am looking forward to a very long run here."

Robert Branch

Rob joined team con-con in 2011. Since then, he has lit the stage in five shows here: as Andre in FIVE FLIGHTS; as Father St. Michael and Baroness De Hue in LILIES, OR THE REVIVAL OF A ROMANTIC DRAMA; as Dr. James in DELTA 32 and as the Pod Man in WARLORDS OF WALDERHAVEN (both plays were part of the 2014 NEOMFA Playwrights Festival); and as Bob in SWIMMING IN THE SHALLOWS. He has also performed in two of the play-readings (FUNHOUSE and PUPPET PARTY) showcased in con-con's Rauschenberg New Play Development Project and is an enormous asset at set strikes and builds, where he wows the rest of the crew with displays of his "extraordinary upper body strength."

Rob has also been very active at none too fragile theater in Akron and received glowing critical accolades for his portrayal of Dev in ON THE LINE in 2013.

Rob says that the greatest joy that con-con provides him is when he arrives for set builds and strikes. On several occasions, his arrival was treated to a chorus of "RAhhBB." You can't put a price on that and you can't pay people to do that. That has got to come from the heart ... and con-con has a lot of heart.

Lucy Bredeson-Smith

Lucy crossed the threshold into the convergence company in 2003. She proudly serves on the Board of Directors and as actress, company manager, stage manager, web manager, scullery maid and sometime costumer; she is fully committed to this most unique company. Her acting credits at convergence include Tear It Off, Terminus, A Map of Virtue, Sordid Lives, The Hyacinth Macaw, True West, The Miracle At Naples, Dark Ride, Big Love, The Mineola Twins, Finn in the Underworld, Buried Child, Freakshow, Mr. Marmalade, In the Garden, Act A Lady, Hot 'n' Throbbing, Spawn of the Petrolsexuals, Cleveland, Tales of the Lost Formicans, Poona the Fuckdog, A Murder of Crows, Icarus, States of Shock and Tone Clusters. She's also worked behind the scenes as stage manager or costumer for The Train Play, Bob: A Life in Five Acts, Isaac's Eye, the 2014 NEOMFA Playwrights Festival, Ouroboros, Kimberly Akimbo, Lord of the Burgeoning Lumber, Demon Baby, References to Salvador Dali Make Me Hot, La Turista, Battery and And Baby Makes Seven.

Lucy obtained her BA in speech/theatre arts with a double major in English literature from Baldwin-Wallace College. She worked on an

MFA in acting at Case Western Reserve University before leaving to gad about NYC and various locations in the South. She also completed a 2-year acting internship at the Great Lakes Shakespeare Festival (when it was still called that).

Lucy has performed locally with The Cleveland Play House Playwrights' Unit, Theater Ninjas, Dobama Theatre, Great Lakes Shakespeare Festival, Cleveland Shakespeare Festival, Actors'Summit, Beck Center and other venues, and has worked as a guest artist for Tri-C West, the Poets' League of Greater Cleveland, and for various theatres up and down the eastern half of the country. Of herself, Lucy says she ever seeks the human connection that transcends. She has worked as a newspaper editor, graphic designer, coordinator for the Metropolitan Opera, event planner, web application launcher/content manager, bartender, gospel singer, piano player, country club chauffeur ... in short, anything to make a buck.

Lucy is firmly ensconced on the west side of Cleveland with her husband of more than 3 decades, Jim Smith (also a company member), and scads of needy pets. She and Jim are proud parents to braniac child-treasure, Jamie.

Jaclyn Cifranic

Jaclyn was always a bit shy about the theater, until she agreed to help a friend by auditioning for THE VAGINA MONOLOGUES while at Kent State. After three different productions of that show and after graduating, she started taking acting classes at Tri-C West. Since 2004, she's performed in several local video productions, and various shows at Tri-C West, Cassidy, and of course, convergence-continuum.

Onstage at con-con she was in FIVE FLIGHTS, KID SIMPLE, and WARLORDS OF WALDERHAVEN (NEOMFA Festival 2014). She's also stage managed half a dozen shows for con-con, including DEVIL BOYS FROM BEYOND, shows in the NEOMFA Festival 2013, and SORDID LIVES - apparently, she has an attitude that makes people listen to her.

When Jaclyn's not working in the theater or at her "day job," she's reading, relaxing with friends, and writing (usually in the third person).

Timothy Coles

Tim is honored to be a member of the convergence-continuum family. His acting credits with the company include Blue Morphan in THE UNSEEN HAND, Stan in BATTERY, Gil in DEVIL BOYS FROM BEYOND and Haskins in DYE JUNG, part of the 2013 NEOMFA Playwrights Festival. He also served as trusted stage manager for TRUE WEST and assistant stage manager for GRACE. Tim says that working at con-con is not only one of the most exciting theatre experiences one could hope for, but one of the most challenging and rewarding as well for reasons ranging from the intimate and ever-changing performance space to the most phenomenally creative, committed, and caring group of artists in the area. Tim is proud to say it is one of the few companies he strives to work with.

Tim has worked with many other Cleveland area theaters as well, including Cain Park, Ensemble Theatre, Cleveland Public Theatre, The Cleveland Play House, The Halle Theatre at the JCC, and Great Lakes Theatre Festival.

As well as acting in plays and musicals, Tim has also directed, stage managed, choreographed and worked in movies, commercials and industrial films. He is a professional magician who specializes in sleight of hand, working at events such as Parade the Circle, First Night Akron at E.J. Thomas Hall and the Porthouse Summer Theatre green shows. He graduated summa cum laude from Kent State University with a theatre degree in 2000.

Liz Conway

Lizzy took convergence by storm in 2009 when she appeared as Lydia in BIG LOVE. We are SO glad she stayed! She's a regular on the NEOMFA stage where she's played a plant lady, a dying lady, a puppet, and a dead puppet holder as well as the sinister Dr. Eve Bollinger in SORDID LIVES. She serves as exuberant actress on stage and jokester at work calls; she takes no prisoners, spreading bursts of euphoria and glee wherever she goes. Her karma is infectious and healing: she is the Dr. Feel-Good of convergence-continuum.

She has worked across the region with Cleveland Public Theater, Great Lakes Theater, Dobama, Beck Center, Lakeland Civic Theater and Charenton Theater, as well as in the wild, wild west with Idaho Shakespeare Festival. She is a co-creator of the delightfully twisted LOUSH SISTERS, a singing sister act combo of terrifying proportions. She is a proud Board Member of Talespinner Children's Theatre.

Lizzy would like to thank con-con for lighting the fires of love for her and partner-in-crime/company member Tom Kondilas, who have now formed Team Kon-Con.


Bobby Coyne

Bobby was offered his first convergence-continuum experience in 2013 when he was asked to join the cast of BASED ON A TOTALLY TRUE STORY. He then continued his involvement on stage in LILIES, OR THE REVIVAL OF A ROMANTIC DRAMA.

He has also performed on stage with Cleveland Public Theatre, Cleveland Shakespeare Festival, Clague Playhouse, Western Reserve Playhouse, Tri-C Western Campus and Bowling Green State University. With an architectural background, he not only practices set design but also builds them. He has worked as a carpenter for Cleveland Play House, Cleveland Public Theatre, TrueNorth Cultural Arts, and Lifeline Theatre (Chicago).

Bobby is filled with delight to be part of such a beautifully talented company that opens the door for much creativity. When not on the stage or building them, Bobby occupies his time with more art as a designer and illustrator, creating and recording noise with several instruments, and he sometimes can be found in his modest shop designing and building furniture.

Clint Elston

Clint joined convergence-continuum in 2010 making his debut in VALPARAISO. Since then he's appeared in FIVE FLIGHTS, DEVIL BOYS FROM BEYOND, KID SIMPLE, PUPPET PARTY, SORDID LIVES and FOOL FOR LOVE.

In 2008 he graduated from Kent State University with a BFA in theatre. He is a personal trainer at the YMCA of Trumbull County and, in the summer, a lifeguard at Nelson Ledges Quarry Park. He was also in the Army Reserves for nine years.


Elaine Feagler

Elaine made her break into the sacred circle of Convergers in the year 2011 as Jane in FIVE FLIGHTS. She then followed up that performance with appearances in SORDID LIVES and SELF DEFENSE. Her favorite role so far has been Noleta in SORDID LIVES. Something about eating chicken and shooting guns really speaks to the heart of a lady.

She's also appeared with Talespinner Children's Theatre, Cleveland Public Theater, Theater Ninjas, Dobama Theater, Charenton Theater, Bad Epitaph Theater Company, Karamu House, Clague Playhouse, and Red Hen Productions.

Elaine has a Bachelor's in Music from Milikin University, and a Master's in Voice from The Cleveland Institute of Music.


Melissa Freilich

Melissa Freilich is a director, fight choreographer and teacher working in Cleveland, Ohio. She graduated with a degree in Theatre and Classics from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. She is an advanced actor combatant with the Society of American Fight Directors, an apprentice instructor in Dueling Arts International and an associate member of Stage Directors and Choreographers Society.

Directing credits include Summer Cannibals, Eurydice, Steps, Yentl (asst.), In the Next Room (asst.), and Clybourne Park (asst.). Fight choreography includes Cut It Out, Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson, Romeo and Juliet, A Fair Quarrel, The Roaring Girl, Cabaret, As You Like It, and The Threepenny Opera.

At con-con she choreographed the stage violence in Fool for Love and The Pillowman, played a six-year-old Jesus in The Pillowman and stage managed the 2015 NEOMFA Playwrights Festival.

Herb Hammer

Herb has served as a vital member of the convergence Board of Directors since 2005.

A Cleveland native, Herb is a happily successful business owner. His happiness is well-deserved. His illustrious credits include president of GLT Products, president of Speedline Corporation, president of Walton Plastics, Inc, and theatre reviewer for the Chagrin Valley Times. He has over 50 years of experience with acting, singing, directing and reviewing theater in the greater Cleveland area.

He lives with his gorgeous actress wife, Lauri (also a company member), in Chagrin Falls. He's well-known for his prodigious Sinatra-like vocal talents and MC/auctioneer abilities, which he exercises at con-con benefits and late-night parties for the company at his home.

Lauri Hammer

Lauri joined the convergence company in 2003 as femme fatale actress, party nosh goddess and set build/strike stabilizer. She has graced the stage here in 7 Blowjobs, Free Will & Wanton Lust, Pterodactyls, A Murder of Crows, Act A Lady, Finn in the Underworld, Five Flights, Sordid Lives, and Amazons and Their Men.

Of herself, Lauri says convergence-continuum is the only theater where she performs. She feels fortunate to have such a creative and challenging place to take on new identities. Of Lauri, the con-con company says, "What would we do without your laugh?" Tiny face, silent scream :)

Lauri lives in a gorgeous Chagrin Falls home with her dashing husband, Herb Hammer (a con-con Board member). She is a chef extraordinaire; she and Herb have generously treated the company to festive blowouts at their home which included lavish, delectable comestibles, copious, high-octane imbibibles and some pretty wild late-night karaoke.


Robert Hawkes

Robert was on a collision course with con-con until he finally crashed and cozied up as a company member in 2009. He morphed effortlessly from one role to another as Cooper Trooper, the Psychiatrist, the Priest, and the Park Sweeper in QUAKE. Since then he has led the commedia troupe in THE MIRACLE AT NAPLES, absconded with company funds in THE INTERNATIONALIST, and served up his trademark stellar work in KID SIMPLE, TRUE WEST, FOOL FOR LOVE, A MAP OF VIRTUE and THE PILLOWMAN. At set builds/strikes, he wields a mighty hammer, guns a mean drill, and freely delivers erudite philosophical ruminations to delight the assembled troupe.

Robert obtained his BA in Philosophy from Yale University and his MA in Spanish from Middlebury College. He says his gift for acting comes from on-the-job training.

Robert debuted at age 30 as Argan in THE IMAGINARY INVALID as a faculty player in a student production at Hawken School, where he taught for 36 years. Since then, he's performed with Dobama Theatre, Ensemble Theatre, Middlebury College Language Schools, the Jewish Community Center, Cleveland Public Theatre, Maple Leaf, Rabbit Run, Chagrin Valley Little Theater (main stage and River Street), Beck Center (main stage and Studio), Clague Playhouse, Cleveland Shakespeare Festival, Ohio Shakespeare Festival, Southwest Shakespeare Company, Notre Dame College, Tri-C Metro, TrueNorth, Willoughby Fine Arts (main stage and Black Box), the Hermit Club, Mamaí Theatre, Blank Canvas Theatre, the Ohio City Theatre Project and convergence-continuum in plays by (among others) Hare, Wilder, Anouilh, O'Neill, Albee, Fugard, Shepard, Rice, Mamet, Brecht, Kushner, Goldsmith, Ayckbourn, Friel, Moliere, Eno, Ionesco, Pinter, Stoppard, Chekhov, Sophocles, Euripides, Beckett, and Shakespeare.

During the day, Robert manages an impoverished but very happy retirement: biking, film, music, theatre … sitting on the porch with a book and the neighbors' cat. He is proud father to up-and-coming actor, photographer and playwright Sebastian Hawkes Orr.

Tom Hayes

Tom added his wickedly witty pen and wry humor to the convergence repertoire in 2008. Armed with scripts he wrote and tailored for the con-con company and space, Tom serves as playwright and website manager, and is a prominent, mysterious figure at company events and benefits. His play Lord of the Burgeoning Lumber, given its world premiere by convergence in 2008, was met with howls of delight.

Tom obtained a BA in creative writing from Ohio University, an MLS (master of library science) from Kent State University, and completed his MFA in Playwrighting from Cleveland State University/NEOMFA in 2011 with a workshop production of his play Patterns at Cleveland Public Theatre.

Though Tom has been known to push the envelope as a performer, he didn't pursue acting in college. But his interest in attending theatre ultimately guided him to his MFA work in playwrighting at CSU (Cleveland State University). For more info on Tom head on over to his website.

Of himself, Tom says he's a big fan of Sam Shepard and Tom Waits. He likes to brew beer and do quirky stuff in his free time like build etching presses and hunt zombies

with his four-yo son, Henry. Tom also penned a book for young adults called The Secret of the Warlock's Crypt from which he just might create a screenplay. He toys with the idea of writing and illustrating books for his kids.

Tom lives in a snug Cleveland Heights home with his lovely wife Kirsten, daughter Elizabeth, son Henry, and a bunch of felines.

Geoffrey Hoffman


Geoff obtained his BA in Theatre from Case Western Reserve University IN 2002. Already, he's launched a film career, with lead credits in indie films HELLEMENTARY and WITH ALL THY GETTING, as well as roles in TELLING LIES IN AMERICA, LITTLE TIMMY, THIRD PERSON PLURAL, MAKING SPACE NAZE, and THE IGNORANCE AND ABSENCE OF GERARD. National commercial credits include Subway, National City Bank and Think Financial Student Loans; he has appeared in regional ads for Time Warner Cable, the Ohio Lottery and Eden Pure. He's represented commercially by The Talent Group and recently finished filming LOVE FINDS YOU IN SUGARCREEK, OHIO starring Tom Everett Scott and Kelly McGillis.

Locally, Geoff has performed with convergence-continuum, Dobama Theatre, Beck Center, Cleveland Play House, Cleveland Shakespeare Festival and Cleveland Public Theatre.

He lives in University Heights with his wife Laurel and son Noah, but still considers Tremont his second home. He works for Howard Hanna Real Estate, so contact him for all of your home buying and selling needs.


Laurel Hoffman

Laurel joined the convergence company in 2008 as an actress and has been wowing audiences ever since. She spearheaded the award-winning productions of Amalia in FREAKSHOW and Jolene in SELF-DEFENSE, or death of some salesmen. She had also performed in other noteworthy productions including: GRACE, BRAINPEOPLE, QUAKE, BIG LOVE, and HUNTER GATHERERS. When not in front of an audience, Laurel uses her creative skills behind the scenes designing costumes for THE MIRACLE AT NAPLES, THE INTERNATIONALIST, SELF DEFENSE and FOOL FOR LOVE.

Laurel earned her BA in Linguistics from Brandeis University just outside of Boston, MA. She spent 5 years in NYC, where she finished the 2-year Meisner Program with William Esper and the 1-year Master Meisner Program, both at the Esper Studios in Manhattan.

Laurel has performed at many theaters in the Cleveland area including Cleveland Public Theater, Dobama Theatre, Beck Center, Great Lakes Theater Festival, Ensemble Theatre and Lakeland. Notable performances include Claire in PROOF, Sarah in ANTEBELLUM, Jo in BOOM, Rosie in HUMBLE BOY and Christina in RED LIGHT WINTER. Outside of Cleveland, she has performed as Madge in PICNIC at the William Inge Theater Festival in Kansas, and in various New York City theaters.

In addition to her stagework in Cleveland, Laurel acted opposite Donnie Wahlberg in THE KILL POINT miniseries on Spike TV. She has also been featured in commercials for the Ohio Lottery, Bed Bath & Beyond, American Greetings and Fisher Price, to name a few.

Originally from Cleveland, Laurel returned home in 2006 after living and working in Boston and New York City. When not on stage, Laurel can be found spending time with her other loves, Geoffrey Hoffman (also a company member) and their two children.

Stuart Hoffman

Stuart began working with convergence-continuum in 2007 in ACT A LADY by Roe Green Award Recipient Jordan Harrison. Growing up in Cleveland Heights, his first acting role was in middle school as the Scarecrow in THE WIZARD OF OZ when he knocked over a prop tree.

Outside of The Liminis, Stuart has worked with Cleveland Public Theatre, Ensemble Theatre of Cleveland, The Bang and The Clatter, Cleveland Shakespeare Festival, Ohio Shakespeare Festival, Theater Ninjas, Mamai Theater, Ohio City Theater Project, and The Beck Center for the Arts. Also a playwright, Stuart's written work has been seen onstage at Ensemble Theatre of Cleveland, Cleveland Public Theatre, Lorain County Community College and Dobama Theatre, where he is a judge for the Marilyn Bianchi Children's Playwriting Festival and a member of their playwrights unit, the Playwrights GYM.

Zac Hudak

Zac Hudak couldn't be more proud to be a company member of one of Cleveland's finest theatrical institutions.

Having appeared in numerous productions including THRILL ME, DEVIL BOYS FROM BEYOND, FIVE FLIGHTS, SORDID LIVES, DYE JUNG and MIRACLE AT NAPLES (to name only a few) as well as many other productions in Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York, Zac credits most of his true training to Clyde, Geoff, Cory and the amazing casts he has shared the Liminis space with.

To find a company that supports me and loves me like family, faults and all, in order to create what we create has been the GREATEST of blessings. Thank you to Lucy for insisting "we keep him." You all have my heart, my soul and every ounce of art I can share. I love you.

Christopher Johnston

Chris serves as playwright, friend and constant supporter at convergence. His powerful play Spawn of the Petrolsexuals was given its world premier here during the 2007 season. A post-apocalyptic look at America, Petrol tells the story of Life After Oil and how mankind (d)evolves. In December of 2010, his play APORKALYPSE! premiered at convergence. The play emerged from a workshop he completed with Mac Wellman at the Flea Theater in New York in 2007.

In 2013, his play Ghosts of War, about a Vietnam veteran's story and based on five years of interviews, premiered at Dobama Theatre.

Chris' plays have appeared at Cleveland Public Theatre (Sexually Explicit Material, The Mind Field, Theories of Relativity), and Dobama Theater's Night Kitchen (Murder in Mind, Loud Americans: A Punk Saga). His adaptation of the Irish myth of the giant Finn McCool will premiere at Talespinner Children's Theatre in September 2015. His play The Mad Mask Maker of Maigh Eo premiered in March 2006 at CPT's Gordon Square Theatre and received an Honorable Mention in the Northern Ohio Live Awards of Achievement. His one-act play Last Light was performed at the West 78th Street Theatre Lab in New York. He has directed at various venues, including The Bang & The Clatter Theatre Co., Charenton Theatre Co., CPT,

Dobama's Night Kitchen, IngenuityFest, Karamu House, Theater Ninjas, and The Ohio Theatre. He teaches playwriting and nonfiction workshops at Cleveland State University. Chris is the coordinator of The Playwrights Gym at Dobama, and he is a co-founder of The Dark Room new work development workshop at CPT and the Rauschenberg New Play Reading Series for convergence-continuum. He completed his playwriting internship at The Cleveland Play House during the 1989-90 season under Artistic Director Josie Abady.

Chris has worked as a freelance writer since February of 1988. He has published more than 3,000 articles in numerous regional and national publications. These include American Theatre, Cleveland, Continental, Crain's Cleveland Business, Northern Ohio Live, The Plain Dealer, Progressive Architecture, Proto Magazine, Scientific American (online),, and Urban Land. He has also written more than a dozen national Telly Award-winning short documentaries and two half-hour television programs for University Hospitals Case Medical Center. He is currently writing a book about some of the survivors of Bravo Company, First Battalion, Ninth Marines who served at Khe Sanh during the Vietnam War and suffered the highest loss rate in US Marine history.

Chris lives with his lovely wife Patrice in Shaker Heights.

Rachel Lee Kolis

Rachel Lee Kolis first joined the con-con family in 2013 appearing (to the honor of her parents) as a stripper in SELF DEFENSE OR DEATH OF SOME SALESMEN. She also got to try her hand at being a lawyer and news reporter in the same production. She had the honor a few months later to tackle the role of May in Sam Shepard's beautiful play FOOL FOR LOVE. She was last seen on the Liminis stage in Mark O'Rowe's TERMINUS, a role she will be ever grateful to Clyde for entrusting to her.

Rachel first hit the Cleveland stage at the age of 6 performing in a children's production of GAMMER GURTON'S NEEDLE at the Cleveland Playhouse and she's been at it ever since. In her youth she appeared in many productions with the Beck Center and Mercury Summer Stock. She went on to be a proud graduate of the Cleveland School of the Arts and in 2007 she moved to England to train at the Drama Centre London, where she picked up a funny little accent and a passion for all things British.

Since returning to Cleveland in 2012 Rachel has appeared onstage with Dobama Theatre, Ensemble Theatre, Theatre Ninjas, Cleveland Public Theatre, Great Lakes

Theatre Festival and Mamai. She is delighted to be a part of the con-con family and looks forward to sharing the stage with its amazing family members again soon!

Tom Kondilas

Tom happily melded his dramatic talents with the convergence mix in 2006 as an actor and video designer, and beginning in 2014 as a director (River Sky, The Lies We Hold). He is also one of the theater's board members. Tom's con-con acting credits include Poona theF#$%dog, References to Salvador Dali Make Me Hot, Demon Baby, Mr. Marmalade, Spawn of the Petrolsexuals, Lord of the Burgeoning Lumber, Quake, Buried Child, Kimberly Akimbo, Hunter Gatherers, Aporkalypse, Plant Life, The Internationalist, Puppet Party, Kid Simple and The Pillowman. Video design credits include Buried Child, Quake, Big Love, Dark Ride, Self Defense, Lobster Alice and Swimming in the Shallows. Tom has performed throughout Northeast Ohio with many companies including The Beck Center, Cleveland Shakespeare Festival, Ensemble Theater, Cleveland Public Theater, Willoughby Fine Arts, the Cleveland Play House and others.

By day Tom is the Point Man for LESS Productions, LLC.  He and Liz Conway live in Cleveland with two magnificent pooches, and with their powers combined they form Team Kon-Con. You can check out TK's video work at

Sarah Kunchik

Sarah joined the convergence fold in 2008. Since then she has contributed her luscious awesomeness as actress, showgirl, party maven, set build/strike dancer and roust-about, and sometime house manager. She performed as The Girl in FREAKSHOW, Helga in LORD OF THE BURGEONING LUMBER, Margaret in OUROBOROS (a two-way ride performed in both directions during the 2009 season), Deep Sea Edna in DARK RIDE, the Curator in MUSEUM PLAY, Shenandoah in APORKALYPSE!, Linda the chicken in MILKMILKLEMONADE and Baga in PUPPET PARTY.

Sarah completed a year of theater studies at Wright State before quitting to pursue a BA in English at John Carroll and honor her love of words.

She's worked in a number of different capacities with Dobama's Night Kitchen, Bad Epitaph Theatre Company, CPT, Cleveland Shakespeare Festival, The Dirty

Shakespeare Company, Theater Ninjas, Fourth Wall Productions, Beck Center, The Fine Arts Association, Red Hen Productions, The Bang and The Clatter Theatre, and, she says, "anywhere else that will take me."

During the day she works as an Office Princess, but she says that's not relevant.

Of herself, Sarah says, "I hate writing bios. I have lots of 'really good ideas.' I love horrible things. I dance when I'm excited. I overuse the words awesome, really and seriously. I think my true calling is playing robots. I specialize in end-of-the-party costume changes. I like to have adventures."

Sarah can tell you the plotlines and casts of at least a million different films and give you a Siskel/Ebert rundown of each one's strengths and weaknesses. She lives in the House of Awesome on the west side of Cleveland (owned and renovated by Geoffrey Hoffman, a con-con company member), where she and her beau host regular, seriously hip parties. Lots of dancing, giggling, high jinx and, well, awesomeness. Really.

Bill Lynn
A.k.a. "The Doctor"

Introduced to the convergence-continuum team as a percussionist, performing the sonic explosive soundtrack for States of Shock on a mix of drums, percussion and the guts of an old upright piano (which now resides in a Tremont neighbor's garage), Bill continues his relationship with the group as convergence-continuum's graphics guru.

A graphic designer and illustrator by day, Bill has produced the delicious postcards that arrive in your mailbox over the past couple of seasons.

Having just received his PhD in art and debauchery, Bill is now known as "The Doctor," the host and branch owner of the world famous Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School, where cabaret meets art school. Check out Dr. Sketchy's at

Also, you can learn a bit more about Bill, his design and art work at


Marcia Mandell

Marcia joined the convergence company in 2009 as an actress, house manager, set raiser/leveler and all-round ray of sunshine. She received glowing reviews for her touching performance here of the extremely difficult role of Kimberly in Kimberly Akimbo and performed the loopy roles of Eleanor in Big Love, Mammaw in Aporkalypse!, Juanita in Sordid Lives, and Gaia, Greek Earth Goddess in The Train Play with gleeful abandon. She serves cheerfully in the capacity most needed at any given moment, including uber-Mom, provider of sweets, manager of moral support, you name it.

Marcia prepared herself for a life onstage by studying with Tom Fulton and at Cleveland State University. Over the years, she has performed with several theaters throughout Northeast Ohio, including Ensemble Theatre, Actors' Summit, Cleveland Public Theatre, Dobama Theater, Clague Playhouse, Beck Center for the Arts, Cassidy Theater, Chagrin Valley Little Theater, Aurora Community Theater, and others. Recent roles include Daisy in Driving Miss Daisy at TruthNorth Cultural Arts and Madame Arcati in Blithe Spirit at Willoughby Fine Arts.

For over 30 years, Marcia has served as Special Events Planner for downtown Cleveland projects, previously coordinating the City's Annual Holiday Program, implementing the Ice

Skating Rink on Public Square (featured Disney and American Greetings characters, performances by local ice skating clubs, weddings on the ice and more), Cleveland's Summerfare Program, Parties-in-the-Park, Celebration Square to Square (a huge Festival which closed down Euclid Avenue from Public Square to East 30th Street each summer for 12 years, and people still ask her about); and more recently the Annual Warehouse District Street Festival, the Warehouse District Holiday Tour, Gateway Neighborhood's Walk & Dine, the Historic Downtown Cleveland Luncheon Forum -- and more.

Besides performing in theater, which is her first love, Marcia enjoys acting in films, commercials and industrials, as well as playing patient simulation roles at Cleveland Clinic. This summer, she played the role of Eleanor in a local Cleveland film, TRANSIT ADVICE, which was shot around several area locales. She also continues to play the role of Mrs. Alfred Kelly, each summer, in the Gateway District's celebrated TAKE A HIKE program.

Of course, Marcia feels her biggest blessing is her family: husband (high school sweetheart, retired stockbroker) Larry; three wonderful children (Shari, Eric and Adam and their great spouses); and importantly, life's most wonderful gift--treasured grandchildren--Justin, Alex, Britney, Jared, Chase and Jacob!

Holly Masterson
Holly came to convergence-continuum as a bride extra in the 2009 production of Big Love wearing a big, poofy white wedding dress, doused in fake blood, brandishing a samurai sword and decided to stay.  An industrious company member, Holly is always on call for set builds/strikes, box office and patronage.  Her creative outlets have extended to creative writing, painting, college radio (WVFI 640 am in South Bend, IN), the martial arts, and, just recently, pearler beads and model building.  While her last acting role in a play was as Nun #4 in The Sound of Music in the 7th grade, Holly does not want this to be the end of a potential theatrical career and hopes to learn more as time goes on.  You may have seen her in Marq Ire's now defunct cable access show, "The Kirkendahl Voyd" in the late 90s, and "The Psychic Shopping Club" (now on YouTube today).

While waiting to be cast in the role that will be her big break, Holly cares for con-con company members' gastronomic needs with the wonderful food she cooks for set builds/strikes and cast parties - cakes, pies, sandwiches, lasagna and a certain breakfast strata she dubbed "Wakey Wakey ConCon Eggs and Bakey."  Holly loves convergence-continuum company members, the chance con-con provides to give back to her community, and making the dreams of so many happen. And she's overjoyed that her favorite band, a-ha, is back together again.


Jack Matuszewski

John S. Matuszewski, more informally, goes by "Jack" when in the company of his friends and castmates at convergence-continuum. And so it was that, one day, young "Jack" set out to seek his fortune, stepped across the threshold, and into the strange and exciting new world that was the Liminis Theatre.

He made his first appearance on the con-con stage, on his birthday, in 2013 as "Vallier" in LILIES, OR THE REVIVAL OF A ROMANTIC DRAMA. After a passionate, forbidden, naked bathtub rendezvous, Jack went on to survive the Apocalypse by summoning an Angel in RIVER SKY (SOAPOCALYPSE NOW), part of the 2014 NEOMFA Playwrights Festival; fight and die in the Trojan war for the man he loves during the German invasion of Poland in AMAZONS AND THEIR MEN; and then wander off drunkenly to a party in a strange house in the middle of the woods that he and the only two other survivors of the party don't really like talk about in A MAP OF VIRTUE. He is helping con-con kick off the 2015 season as Kiddo in THE WALLING UP OF WILDFLOWERS, part of the 2015 NEOMFA Playwrights Festival.

Jack also serves as actor, director and talent scout for the Cleveland Radio Players and has even starred as an Amish Moonshiner in Nonlinear Films' MOONSHINEKINGDOM, the first full-length feature film to be both shot and streamed completely in its native 4K resolution.

Jack is a native Clevelander, born on the west side, raised on the east side, high school in the inner city and college downtown. He currently resides in Cleveland Heights, OH.

Cory Molner

Cory designed his way into the collective convergence heart in 2006. He wears lots of hats here: lighting designer, video designer, sound and light operator, bartender … and during the 2011 season adds director to the list as he takes the helm for (aptly enough) The Museum Play. He has designed lights and/or video for A Murder of Crows, Buried Child, Say You Love Satan, Brainpeople and APORKALYPSE!.

Cory attended Kent State University from 2004-2007. His education paved the way for him to work as a freelance scenic and lighting designer and/or technical director at Ensemble Theatre, Near West Theatre, Heights Youth Theatre, Brush High School, Aurora Community Theatre, convergence-continuum (of course), Laughter League and Karamu, and as a lighting technician for Royal Caribbean Cruises.

By day Cory serves as Media Services Manager for the Cleveland Museum of Natural History. Some of his favorite responsibilities include staff photographer and videographer for museum events.

Bursting with creative energy, there is no challenge Cory won't take on. He is an indispensable, super-charged contributor to the convergence continuum.

Tyson Douglas Rand

After a childhood filled with backyard Westerns, behind-the-sofa Puppet shows and more grade school and church pageants than could have been shook at with many sticks, no one seemed surprised when Tyson first trod upon theatrical boards at the tender age of 14 and found his bliss. He's been following it ever since, studying and practicing (both formally and "in") at numerous institutions (respectable and "otherwise") all the while showing just enough disdain for the academic process to emerge time and again having earned only the title of "Fool!" – an accomplished fool nonetheless.

Tyson joined forces with convergence in 2008 as a dynamic actor, originating the role of Ranger Roger Over in con-con's World Premier Production of LORD OF THE BURGEONING LUMBER. He's also been seen on the con-con stage in SAY YOU LOVE SATAN, BEFORE THE DEVIL KNOWS YOU'RE DEAD and SORDID LIVES. In addition to acting, he's been known to branch out, proving his value as a capable stage manager, a creative designer and an adventurous director. His flexed his directing muscle in con-con's critically acclaimed 2011 production of THE BOYS IN THE BAND and went on to garner con-con the award for "Best Not-So-Straight Play of 2013" from Scene Magazine's Christine Howey for his "tender" direction of LILIES, OR THE REVIVAL OF A ROMANTIC DRAMA.

Tyson proudly serves as the artistic director of The Cleveland Shakespeare Festival while also acting, designing and/or directing for numerous academic, community, semi-professional and professional theater companies in the greater Cleveland area.

Of himself, Tyson says he's A HUGE Fan of convergence-continuum. He is honored to be a part of the con-con family and flattered to be a member of the company. Although known to occasionally "mess around with birds or groove on nature stuff" – when not in the midst of a theatrical project, Tyson is usually wrapping up a theatrical project or planning his next theatrical project. Did we mention he's found his bliss?

Michael Regnier

Michael dodged into the convergence company in 2008. He serves as actor, set build/strike strongman, lore monger, wry jokester and global friend. His acting credits here include Dodge in BURIED CHILD, Mr. Zendavesta in DARK RIDE, Pappaw in APORKALYPSE!, Doctors Gallagher and Smiley in PLANT LIFE, Bill Hard in THE HYACINTH MACAW, and Simon and Timothee in LILIES, OR THE REVIVAL OF A ROMANTIC DRAMA.

A professional actor for more than 30 years, Michael has appeared in more than 100 roles in 20 Cleveland-area theaters. He was a long-time resident company member of Ken Albers' Actors Company (7 seasons), Cleveland SignStage Theatre (18 years) and was once a Hermit Club stage regular.

Screen credits include roles in Jeff Yanik's short, THE TELLTALE HEART, Theater Ninjas' stage production of HEDDATRON, Autumn Haze Pictures' short, VISIT CHINA, and in TO SEE THE MOON IN THE MORNING SKY and THE FORGOTTEN ONES, independent films produced by Peter Fields' Little Beth Entertainment.

While at SignStage, where he served variously as actor, director, artistic director, marketing director and general manager, Michael was staff coordinator and production director of its nationally-acclaimed NCAH Children's Summer Experience in Sign Language Theatre, and project director of its US Department of Education-sponsored Instant Theatre Residency Program. He also spearheaded the theatre's award-winning USIA-Arts America tours to Czechoslovakia, Jordan and Russia. In 1992 the SignStage Board of Trustees honored Michael for his "Outstanding and Enduring Artistry, Service and Dedication."

Awarded Best Character Actor at Wabash College, where he received his AB in English, Michael is an MFA/Acting Graduate of CWRU. At CWRU he was a scholarship student, recipient of the Hines, Brooks, Kelso Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Department of Theatre, and a summer intern at the Great Lakes Shakespeare Festival. He has studied with The Living Stage Theatre Company, The Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus, and The National Theatre of the Deaf. He has served as a college Instructor of Acting and Director, and as Director at a variety of area theaters.

Michael presently is a manager at Cleveland Heights' historic landmark dwelling and bed-&-breakfast, The Alcazar. Sunguidess beauty Juliette – mystic seer, songbird actress and burgeoning playwright and theater director – is his wife and life-unifier, and Grover-the-bullmastiff's enabler. Beloved children are in Cleveland, Chicago, and Taos. Thank-you, Love, God of the Universe!

Beau Reinker

Beau collided with convergence-continuum during the 2014 NEOMFA Playwright Festival. At con-con he has dazzled audiences in THE WARLORDS OF WALDERHAVEN, MURPHY'S LAW DEPARTMENT, LOBSTER ALICE (he also composed and recorded music for this show), WOLVES, and THE TRAIN PLAY (or, The Reckless, Ruthless, Brutal Charge of It).

Beau is a graduate from Kent State University with his BA in Theatre Studies (concentration in performance), and has performed in plays at the Ohio Shakespeare Festival (ROMEO AND JULIET, AS YOU LIKE IT, KING LEAR, RICHARD III), Kent State University (THE CAUCASIAN CHALK CIRCLE, THE THREE SISTERS, TWELFTH NIGHT, PICASSO AT THE LAPIN AGILE, FURIES) and Weathervane Playhouse (SEE HOW THEY RUN, THE TAMING OF THE SHREW).

An avid chess player, Beau is always looking for a good game. He also enjoys traveling, writing plays, getting lost in Nature and wandering aimlessly through the hallowed halls of The Cleveland Museum of Art.

Eric Sever

Eric Sever walked through the doors of the Liminis Theatre for the first time in 2013 and never looked back. That first role was the villainous Bilodeau in LILIES. Eric went on to fall in love with many more roles at the boundary-breaking blackbox, including favorite appearances in A MAP OF VIRTUE, WARLORDS OF WALDERHAVEN and WOLVES.

Born and raised in Chardon, Ohio, Eric has been involved in theater for twenty years. He has appeared in shows at Cleveland Public Theatre, as well as working with theatre companies in Detroit and Washington, D.C.

When he isn't in a theatre, Eric can often be found wandering the streets as a multimedia journalist for WKYC Channel 3 in Cleveland. If you're careful not to blink, you may just catch him on a newscast.

It has been an honor for Eric to work with the kind of rich, wild talent that makes up the convergence-continuum family. Between the real and fictional characters he's met, and the stories he's gotten to tell, Eric's not leaving this playground anytime soon.

James R. Smith

Jim joined the convergence company with his wife, Lucy, in 2003. He serves as President of the Board Directors, set designer, key player at set builds/strikes, house manager and all-round contributor to con-con shows and events throughout the season.

Jim's set designs for convergence-continuum include Mark O'Rowe's Terminus, Charles Mee's Big Love, Sam Shepherd's Buried Child, Edwin Sanchez's Icarus, Dan Therriault's Battery and Words and Weirds, an evening of one-acts including Joyce Carol Oates' Tone Clusters and Mac Wellman's Whirligig. His designs have also been featured at the

Cleveland Play House, the Halle Theater at the Mayfield Jewish Community Center, Berea Summer Theater and Oberlin College. He received a BA in speech and theatre arts from Berry College in Rome, Georgia, an MFA in production technology from Ohio University, and an MA in theatre history and criticism from the University of Georgia. Teaching credits include theater production at Oberlin College, where he served as Technical Director, and Berry College. Other gigs as technical director include the Williamstown Theater Festival, Colorado Shakespeare Fes-tival and the Cleveland Play House. Jim is bass soloist for the Lakewood United Me-thodist Church choir, and sings bass and lead in several local barbershop quartets.

He lives with his wife of 3 decades, Lucy (con-con company manager and actress), a bunch of hell-driven pets, and occasionally their daughter Jamie (when she comes home from international gad-abouts or college to visit). At parties, he gets the group mojo going by sitting down at the baby grand and improvising requests. The joyful voices ring in the treetops long after the party's over and the troupe has disbanded.

Of himself, Jim says that he loves to play piano and sing. He works as an accompanist and rehearsal pianist for various groups in the area, sings with a wacky group of barbershop dudes, and serves as bass soloist for a church in Lakewood. He did just about everything BUT sing for the Metropolitan Opera in NYC—worked as administrator, stagehand and supernumerary.

Jim lives in Lakewood with his wife, lucy (also a convergence company member) and a bunch of four-footed companions.

Lauren B. Smith

Petite Lauren burst through the boundaries of ordinary theatre and joined the convergence company in 2007 as one of its most versatile actresses. She also serves with grace, tenacity, beauty and an infinite sense of fun as set builder/painter, Vegas showgirl, house manager extraordinaire, and company hug queen. She receives all the good-natured jibes about her stature with a kiss and a grin. Her credits here include Ingen in SPAWN OF THE PETROLSEXUALS, Lucy (a 4-year-old) in MR. MARMALADE, Shelly in BURIED CHILD, Thyona in BIG LOVE, Debra in KIMBERLY AKIMBO, the Waitress in DARK RIDE, Pam in HUNTER GATHERERS, Bernadette in SAY YOU LOVE SATAN, Molly in APORKALYPSE!, Interviewer/Flight Attendant Chorus in VALPARAISO, Lucy in MUSEUM PLAY, La Piccola in THE MIRACLE AT NAPLES, and Susannah in THE HYACINTH MACAW.

Lauren earned a BFA in Theater Performance from Ohio University. She is currently working at a local Starbucks near you, and she hopes to land an amazing position in the near future where she can develop her and others' creativity and imagination. A little-known fact about Lauren is that she secretly loves math and computers and would love to work in a place where she can use those skills on a daily basis.

Locally, Lauren has acted and worked with The Great Lakes Theater Festival (Actor-Teacher for 4 years), Theater Ninjas (MONSTER PLAY), Cleveland Public Theater (SLEEP DEPRIVATION CHAMBER, MONSTER PLAY, A-TEN-TION SPAN 2012), Fourth Wall Productions (ALL THE WAY FROM CHINA, DOG SEES GOD), Cleveland Play House (Box Office, Teaching Artist, Education Department Intern), Dobama Theatre (MARILYN BIANCHI KIDS' PLAYWRITING FESTIVAL), Motive for Murder (various murder mysteries), and Cleveland Shakespeare Festival (TWELFTH NIGHT-abridged, SHAKESPEARE'S LAND OF THE DEAD).

Lauren’s favorite job to date is dressing up in full costume to play various mascots

such as Dora the Explorer, Wendy (from Casper and Wendy), Elmo, Abby Cadabby, and Rosita (from Sesame Street).

She hopes to one day teach theater classes in schools or local social gathering places on a regular basis, and hone her skills in directing and the technical sides of the theater. And, of course, she will insist on her future universe to allow her to continue acting.

Of herself, Lauren says she is an avid runner and lover of all things healthy and harmonious. convergence-continuum is one of the most poignant and fulfilling theaters she has ever worked with.

Laura Starnik

Laura joined this eclectic collection of talented con-con artists in 2010. She and her husband, Darrell, have been big fans ever since seeing FREE WILL & WANTON LUST back in 2004, and as much as she enjoyed being an audience member she was more than a little intrigued by the idea of performing here, too.

Laura got her chance to read for Clyde as he was casting the challenging and hauntingly beautiful BRAINPEOPLE. She got the part and became part of the gang learning lines, creating a character, striking sets, painting walls and steering clear of staple guns and power tools. Laura and fellow cast members also learned a new language for con-con's THE INTERNATIONALIST. She most recently appeared as the narrator in the auditory madness of KID SIMPLE: A RADIO PLAY IN THE FLESH.

She especially appreciates working at convergence-continuum for the unique challenges each play presents, and the opportunity to broaden her range and explore beyond her "comfort zone." Thank you to Clyde and the gang for their support and encouragement.

Laura studied theatre at Baldwin-Wallace College and has appeared in numerous other theaters around Cleveland including Beck Center, Cassidy Theatre, Clague Playhouse, Cleveland Public Theatre and Dobama.

Her day job back when she had one was in marketing & communications. She now takes on freelance writing and proofreading projects, works on her travel blog and hangs out by the pond with Darrell.

Steve Vogel

Steve was born in Fairbanks, Alaska, and did stints in Parma and California before moving with his family back to the Cleveland area. We are so fortunate he did! Since joining the con-con company in 2013, Steve has been a leader at every work call we have held, freely giving of his creative talent, carpentry expertise, brains, and cheerful soul.

Steve was a student at Cleveland State University, but dropped out when he discovered that he had no interest in college. Instead, he turned toward down the path of service to others and became a firefighter with the Cleveland Fire Department. He worked on the east side in this capacity for 8 years. At the same time, he was taking college courses in architecture and construction and after obtaining his associate's degree, moved with his young family to California where, he says, they spent the 1990s learning the meanings of the words fear, longing, disappointment, grace, caste, commute, exclusivity, desperation, intestinal fortitude, terrible beauty, strength and finally, success.

The yearning to be close to extended family brought Steve back to Cleveland. He settled down working as a building inspector, raising his young children with his beautiful wife, Jane. Yet he remained restless for a creative outlet. Enter convergence-continuum.

Of himself, Steve says: "I have always had a fondness for the arts and have been a long-time patron of con-con. I was graciously invited to join the company as a

carpenter in 2013. I accepted this offer whole-heartedly and was immediately hooked on using my skills as a way to contribute to the creation of art. I am thankful that con-con has given me this opportunity without any prerequisites. I believe this says a lot about the grace and class of the people who make up this organization. While I am grateful for the creative opportunity, it is the collaboration with the con-con team that is the true blessing. Long live convergence-continuum!"

Rob Wachala

Rob gleefully threw in with the convergence company in 2007, where he has served as Lighting Designer and Serious Hipster ever since. Credits here include shedding glorious illumination and death-destroying, truth-seeking dark on Dark Ride, Big Love, Spawn of the Petrolsexuals and The Mineola Twins.

A graduate of Kent State University, Rob also works as a freelance lighting technician, lighting designer, stage manager and moving light programmer in and around the Cleveland area. Recent credits include stage manager/moving light programmer for Rent, Secret Garden and The Wiz; stage manager for Sweeney Todd with Near West Theater; and gigs with Live Nation Worldwide and Tri-C Western Campus, where he's designing lights for their 2010 production Taming of the Shrew.

Rob is absolutely wild about Terrii (also a company member) and when the two of them are around, the specials spark and kooky mayhem ensues.

Terrii (Zernechel) Wachala

Terrii (Zernechel) Wachala stumbled into con-con in 2008 right after completing her studies at Kent State University. Having absolutely no idea what she was doing, she managed to not totally ruin theatre after all and is always happy to come back to her roots at the Liminis.

When not at con-con, Terrii can be found at Cuyahoga Community College, either the Eastern or Western Campus (depending on the event), where she works as Theatrical Technician and Production Stage Manager. On weekends, when not in tech or otherwise compromised, Terrii works as a Live Director of NEO Church in Independence. Her crew of seven volunteer camera shoot/operators keeps her on her toes. In the summer months, she can be found at The Jacobs Pavilion at Nautica as a Stage Hand and Follow Spot Operator.

In 2012, she married her college sweetie and partner in all things, Rob Wachala. They live happily with their two cats, Rufus and Ezio, and their 120-lb Alaskan Malamute, Jude, and plan on continuing to live the dream!


Lisa Wiley

Lisa moved to Cleveland in December of 2010. Knowing she couldn't go very long without being involved in theatre, she immediately sought out a playhouse that she hoped she could call home. She wanted this home to be high quality and close knit, extraordinary and out of the ordinary. At the urging of a couple of friends, she attended a convergence continuum production and her wishes were granted.

Her first convergence position was stage manager for Miracle at Naples. After her first experience she decided that it wouldn't be her last! Since then she stage-managed Boys in the Band, Grace and Thrill Me. Lisa also designed lights for The Internationalist and Lobster Alice and was Sound Designer for Devile Boys From Beyond, True West and Lilies. Loving diversity, Lisa also performed as the Lady in the Leotard in MilkMilkLemonade, Foley Artist in Kid Simple, crooned as Bitsy Mae Harling in Sordid Lives and played Mary Ellen Eustice in Based on a Totally True Story.  She has also performed in the NEOMFA Playwright Festivals.

Lisa graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Art and Theatre from Ashland University.

Being a chameleon of sorts, she was (and still is) always willing to wear different hats (though in real life she looks hideous in hats - no, really, it's true). After graduation she played bass and sang in a couple of rock 'n' roll cover bands. She also hit the road and toured as a road/stage manager for American Family Theatre. Settling back in Northwest Ohio she filled in as the Interim Part-time Technical Director at Sandusky State Theatre getting the opportunity to work with the likes of Johnny Cash and Cloris Leachman. 

Lisa has also performed at Springboard and Black Box at Cleveland Public Theatre.  Nine years ago, in order to fulfill her constant need to be creating, Lisa decided to pursue a career as a voice over actor. Since then she has voiced numerous commercials, narrations for websites, an animated alien, a flight simulation game flight attendant and audio books. Visit her website at

Lisa lives in Cleveland with her wife, Lisa and several furry babies. She considers herself fortunate to be part of such a creative group and is excited to contribute and grow as an artist with the help of her con-con family.

Bobby Williams

Bobby joined convergence in 2007, delighting audiences as a primo actor and resident bluesman extraordinaire, appearing in Spawn of the Petrolsexuals and Big Love. He composes, sings, plays a compellingly earthy guitar with overtones of the ethereal while mentoring the company in the art of selling a song, and struts his stuff at set builds, contributing a crucial screw where needed and abandoning himself to the joy of creating.

Bobby obtained his BS from Ohio University in 1979 and his MS from Cleveland State University in 1987. Both degrees have served him well in the arts forum.

He has appeared in productions for the Dobama Theatre, Karamu Mainstage & Youth theatres, Cleveland Playhouse, Cesear's Forum, Ensemble Theatre, Cleveland Public Theatre, Cleveland Shakespeare Festival, The Beck Center and The Wallpaper Project. He also croons the blues regularly at various local venues.

Forever young, Bobby resides in Shaker Heights with his gorgeous wife Barbara, cardiologist supreme. When Bobby isn't learning the Italian dialect or dodging daggers onstage, he and Barbara throw some pretty spicy company hot tub parties. Y'think we can fit all 37 of us in there if we squeeze? ;)

Sade Wolfkitten

Sade took the convergence merry pranksters by storm in 2006 and has worked on nearly every show since then. She is a one-woman, walking kaleidoscope and a vital part of the convergence company. She serves in a great many capacities, among them Event Coordinator; Costume Designer; Lighting, Sound and Video Operator; Stage Manager; Sound Designer; Accordian Coach; Video Production; Musician; Occasional Performer; Vegetarian Chef; Glass Walker and Faerie Goddess. Her credits at convergence include Tales of the Lost Formicans, Poona the Fuckdog, Icarus, And Baby Makes Seven, References to Salvadore Dali Make Me Hot, Spawn of the Petrolsexuals, Act A Lady, Demon Baby, A Murder of Crows, Mr. Marmalade, Freakshow, Lord of the Burgeoning Lumber, The Mineola Twins, Big Love, Finn in the Underworld, Ouroboros, Kimberly Akimbo, Dark Ride, Hunter Gatherers, Say You Love Satan, APORKALYPSE!, The Museum Play, The Boys in the Band, and the 2012-2015 NEOMFA Playwrights Festivals.

She attended Cleveland State University, where she created her own major in production and performance, a conglomeration of video, theatre, broadcasting, graphic design, computer design and dance.

Sade's exuberantly colorful past (her present is pretty colorful too) includes late-late-night work as a DJ for WCSB 89.3 FM and WRUW 91.1 FM as well as occasional freelance DJ work, performance art (she appeared in the first-ever Performance Art Theatre at CPT), work with the Church of the SubGenius, organizing the Starwood Festival in western New York, puppetry, lecturing, performing with a gothic band and a world-folk duo, creating and performing in a magic/sideshow act during which she walked on glass ... really ... facilitating various Rants and Raves, and creating faerie-themed costume accessories and original faerie artwork for her business, Thee Faerie Ring Arts and Crafts. Check out her website at

When she's not working at convergence, she can be found appearing around town as Cleveland's only living statue, under the name Sascha Peppercorn. Of herself, sade says, "I wasn't exactly born in a trunk, but close." She lives with her bright red accordion amidst an explosion of art pieces, music that spans at least 6 decades, curiosities and seriously interesting clutter in the heart of the Gordon Square Arts District on the west side of Cleveland. Stop in sometime for a cool view of downtown Cleveland or maybe just a few fresh-baked *brownies*.